ANIC provided easy Japanese language training of ‘Disaster Prevention Guidance in Easy Japanese’ organized by the Nakano Fire Department.

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On 24 August (Thu) at the Nakano ZERO West Wing, ANIC conducted a training course in easy Japanese language organized by the Nakano Fire Department. The Nogata Police Station, Nakano Fire Station, Nogata Fire Station, Self-Defence Forces, Nakano Ward Office, Kubota Hairdressing School, NTT East Japan and Tokyo Tsunagari Creation Foundation were among the participants, numbering around 60 people.

First, an overview of easy Japanese was given, and as a spoken language, the foreign assistants were asked to throw questions to be actually used at the Disaster Prevention Festa, and the participants were asked to translate their answers into easy Japanese. Some were able to do immediately, while others found it very difficult so that the assistants answered, “I don’t understand.”

“I learnt a lot,” they commented.