Yulia talked about her experiences of war at Meiwa Junior High School

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On Tuesday the 7th of March a lesson called “Think about peace from war” was delivered to the 2nd and 3rd grade students at Meiwa Junior High School, in which Yulia Naumenko studying at The Association for Nakano International Communications talked about her experiences with war.

Yulia comes from Sumy which is in the northeastern part of Ukraine, where she had had many sleepless nights under continuous sirens and gunshots by Russian military attack, until her family was able to help her evacuate to Nakano about a year ago. The students listened to her story very attentively.

When a student asked what they could do about it, Yulia told that she liked students to learn the truth about history and share it with others.

We had an opportunity to appreciate the value of peace that we have here from Yulia, who answered various questions from the students, choosing her words carefully and seriously.