The 6th Nakano International Exchange Festa was successfully held during the snowy weather conditions

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It snowed on Friday the 10th of February in Tokyo. There had been concerns over whether the Festa could be held, but the snow turned to rain and the event was able to go ahead. Onstage first was Drumming by West Africans, the Djembe Paradwenca, as the opening performance. Next came Japanese speeches by the Japanese language learners, then a flute performance by East-West Japanese Language School and other special performances and presentations of results from lessons followed. Finally, there was a guitar and song performance by Stand with Ukraine Japan. In the lobby general goods and sweets from all over the world were sold. There were shops of New Zealand, Hawaii, Spain, Japan, Ukraine, Phiippines and Korea. There was cardboard arts corner and visitors were writing messages on the art works. That livened up the event! At the end of the event there was a raffle prize draw which pleased visitors. Many visitors attended, despite the weather conditions, and the Festa was a success.IMG_6584