“The Very Easy Japanese Training Course” for new employees of Nakano Ward has been held

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“The Very Easy Japanese Training Course” for new employees has been held by our organization entrusted with Nakano Ward.
The training course is being held at Nakano Ward Staff Training Centre (2-Chome, Arai) and so far 3 sessions on Monday 7th November, Monday 12th December and Monday 19th December were held and 72 people participated in total.
Mrs. Mariko Nakayama who is the Representative Director of NPO Multicultural Children’s Independence Support Centre was invited as a lecturer and “Hands-on Exercises” were done in 6 groups using materials such as the text book called “The Easy to Understand Japanese Course” .
The participants were involved enthusiastically all day in 2 groupworks, one was “the translation work” to produce leaflets and guidebooks and the other was “the oral correspondence” at the counter in the office.
There were 2 foreign Nakano residents who assisted to make sure Easy Japanese learnt on the course was understood.
In the feedback after the course;
“ I would use what I learnt in the course when foreign residents need support.”
“ My easy Japanese was checked by the foreign assistants if it was understood and I learnt more then.”













The participants and the foreign assistants are exchanging conversations in “Easy Japanese”
(At the Nakano Ward Staff Training Centre)













One of training sessions

(At the Nakano Ward Staff Training Centre)