The summer evening party for cooling was held after 3 years!!

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On Thursday the 14th of July a summer evening party for cooling was held after 3 years. As we were still under the risk of covid, an advance reservation system was taken and the scale of the party was decreased. A guest dance teacher from Agehakai taught us Bon-dance mainly with a music of “Tokyo Ondo”. After we danced in a circle more than a few times, we mastered the Bon-dance very well. In the end we bon-danced with some music of YMCA and Lady Gaga. Not only Japanese, but also non-Japanese were surprised to see Bon-dance could synchronize well in western music. At the game corner, there were games of beanbag throw, quoits, lottery, fishing, learning corner of how to make an illustrated postcard and a caricature sketches corner. For the last few years, there were not many local festivals and this event became the first festival for the people who had arrived at Japan after the Covid pandemic and also the first experience of wearing Yukata. Everybody enjoyed the event with a lots of smiles.

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