A Guidance Session Concerning High School Entrance — for Parents and Children Whose Native Languages are not Japanese

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A guidance session concerning high school entrance was held for parents and children whose native languages are not Japanese. It occurred on Sunday, August the 28th, at Nakano Zero, West Wing.


Attendees included some fifty, hailing from China, Nepal, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Their volunteer teachers for Japanese language also took part..


It lasted for approximately two hours, with conversation centered around the public high schools in Tokyo that have a special consideration for foreign students and the document that must be prepared for the assessment of qualification in advance,—as well as entrance examinations with furigana phonetic symbols.

With the help of interpreters, they were able to learn about the systems of high school entrance in their native language and thus were able to clarify certain points on their own. We thank the volunteer interpreters very much for the generous assistance.