Little League Baseball Game Played between Nakano District and Friendship City, Seijo District of Central Beijing

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Nakano’s little league baseball team visited its friendship city, the Seijo District of Central Beijing, for six days — the twenty-second of August through the twenty- seventh. There, they played friendly matches.  This was the twenty-second little league baseball exchange event in the series the two cities created in 1990.  Six graders who belong to little league baseball teams in the Nakano District formed the All Nakano team and had been practicing in order to be able to be sent to Seijo.  They played four games and accrued three wins and one loss.  It was a wonderful exchange opportunity for the members of both teams.  The Nakano team undertook a tour of the World Heritage site and experienced Chinese culture.  They have learned many things and have gained invaluable experience.  Many thanks go to those who have supported this project.