A Short-term Study Abroad Program in New Zealand: The 2018 Nakano-Wellington Friendship Exchange Program for Youth

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Eighteen of the students, who attend junior high schools in Nakano Ward, visited Wellington. The visitation lasted a total of nineteen days, beginning on Thursday, the twenty-sixth of July, and ending on Monday, the thirteenth of August.
For the first week, they divided into two groups. The groups went to two different schools for a trial, and attended a special English-language class that was customized for them. They also participated in a Japanese-language class.
For the rest, they visited the Parliament House, located in Wellington, and also visited the Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary. Among the various great nature experiences they were able to have, they climbed coastal mountains and saw glowworms in a cave.
On the whole, the most impressive experience seemed to be the home stay at the homes of the students they had accepted last October in Tokyo. Although they were quite nervous and anxious at the beginning, thanks to the kindhearted welcomes by their host families and townspeople, they had a very fruitful time.