Nakano・Wellington Friendship Children Exchange 2023 Recruiting host families

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This year we are hosting the exchanging scheme. The students who were host families this year will visit New Zealand next year.


Length of stay: 15 days (as planned)

22nd of September (Friday) ~ 7th of October (Saturday) 2023


Who can apply : Families with boys in the 1st or 2nd grade in Junior high schools listed next  (Dai-2 Junior High School, Nakano Higashi Junior High School, Minami Nakano Junior High School or Nakano Junior High School)


Number of applicants: 10 students (10 boys) in junior high schools aged 14~15


How to apply: Submit an application form (Application for host family 2023) to

a deputy head teacher. The closing date is Friday the 9th of June.


Where to contact: Association for Nakano International Communications (ANIC)

anic@nifty.com 03-5342-916