Recruiting a part-time staff Association for Nakano International Communications

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Job description: Clerical work regarding events performed by Nakano

International Association

Application conditions: Capable of handling clerical jobs and also enthusiastic in

the job. English or other language skills are not particularly required.

Desirable conditions: 1.Book-keeping skills

2.Knowledge and skills of computing in MS-Word, Excel

so on

3.Having a deep interest in activities aiming multicultural society such as Japanese language support to non -Japanese etc.

Number of position: 1

Working conditions: In principle, 4 days a week between Monday and Friday

Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays and

a few days at the end and beginning of the year

(29th of December ~ 3rd of January)

Working hours: 7hours and 45minutes from 8:30 am to


It is required to work on non working days for some

events. There is a retirement age system (65 years old).

There is a social insurance enrollment system and

employment insurance is available.

Annual paid leave and also some holidays for part time   staff designated by Nakano International Association are available. A medical checkup is done once a year.

Employment period: From 1st July 2022 ~ 31st March 2023 (renewal of period

is possible. 4 renewals with a yearly contract are possible.)


Selection Method

First selection:

By application documents

Documents should be reached us by Monday 16th May

Curriculum Vitae and job experiences


The result will be informed by around

Thursday 19th May

Second Selection:

By interview

Sunday 22nd May


Candidates who successfully passed

the first selection will be invited to an interview.

The requirement for the interview will be sent only to the candidates who passed the first process.

The pass or fail notification will be informed around Wednesday 25th May .



How to apply: Send “CV with a face photo” and “Job experiences” by post or

to the office by hand (They must arrive at the office by Monday 16th May). No official CV form is required. CV, however, should be handwritten and included reasons for applying.

The telephone number and mail address are also required.

*  No document will be returned.