Special Fixed Benefit (100,000yen)

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1) Amount:
100,000 yen per person

2) Eligibility
Those who have registered as a resident as of the twenty-seventh of April in 2020.
Foreign residents listed on the Basic Resident Register are also eligible.

3) Payment:
The money will be deposited in one of the head of household’s bank accounts.

4) Application:
Applicants can either apply via mail or online

If applying by mail
The city hall will send application form to the head of household. It has already been sending sequentially from the fifteenth of May.

For those whose addresses have been changed, use the forwarding service:


Other required documents besides the application form:
 A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license, health insurance card and similar (for identification)
 Documents that list the bank account to deposit into (e.g., copy of bankbook, cash card)

If applying online
You can apply via smart phone. You will need images of your My Number card, the PIN, and a bankbook.


5) Application Deadline
The eighteenth of August (a Tuesday)

6) Time deposited
After the end of May, the money will be deposited into the account specified. It is expected to take approximately two weeks to transfer once the application has been processed and accepted.

Issues such as high applicant volume and applications that have errors in them may cause additional delays.

Call Center 03-6863-6808
8:30-17:00, weekdays
Chinese and English available

7) For those who are taking refuge in Nakano due to a spouse or family member’s domestic violence:

If, depending on circumstance, such persons are unable to transfer the resident card to the current address in Nakano before the twenty-seventh of April in 2020, —if they go through the application procedure, they can receive the Special Fixed Benefit in Nakano even they are not the head of household.
Contact: The Special Fixed Benefit section in Nakano Ward Office