Promoting a Multicultural Society

International Understanding Course

ANIC holds classes about various countries’ cultures and histories for the residents of Nakano City in order to deepen their understanding of foreign countries.

 Past Courses
 2016  「Welcoming Foreign Visitors: Language Volunteer Course」
           Held in Tokyo

 2016  「Laos and Libraries」
           Laos Mountain Children's Fund - Essayist and Mon Culture Researcher Kiyoko Yasui
 2016  「Experience the Qanun (the “Arabian Harp”) and Qatar Lifestyle and Culture」

           Qanun Player Abdulla Yameen

 2015  「Welcoming Foreign Visitors: Language Volunteer Course」
           Held in Tokyo

 2015  「Simple Japanese and English Explanation of the Stars of Japan and the World」
             Nakano ZERO Planetarium Guide Yoko Dairaku

 2014  「Gourmet country, Italia」 
           Gourmet scholar and writer, Francesco BELLISSIMO

 2013  「Foreign residents and the local community – building a multicultural society」
           Meiji University, School of Global Japanese Studies, Professor Keizo YAMAWAKI

 2011  「Two homelands – visiting the land of the Manchuria pioneers」
           Yasuoka, Nagano Prefecture, Pioneer History Speaker, Tadzuru NAKAJIMA

 2010  「A gift from the gods, Bulgaria」
          Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Minister Vera STEFANOVA

Cooperation with Nakano College for Lifelong Learning (Sponsor : Nakano City)

Trying to speak to Japanese language learners in simple Japanese
These courses are made for Nakano City residents between the ages of 55 and 79 to encourage activity with friends in the community while enhancing knowledge and skills. We were asked by Nakano City to assist with the International Understanding Seminar for 2nd and 3rd year students.

Foreign Language Courses (Beginning Chinese / Beginning Korean / My First English Lesson / Hospitality English Lessons)

To promote cross-cultural understanding and grass-roots international exchange, we hold beginner’s Chinese and Korean and English language courses as motivation for people learning foreign languages. There are 24 classes in the year divided into two terms. We start accepting applications for the courses every year at the beginning of March.

  Beginning Chinese Tuesday 18:30~20:30
  Beginning Korean Wednesday 10:00~12:00 My First English Lesson Friday 10:00~12:00 English Lessons for Hospitality Wednesdays 13:00 to 15:00